Firstly, thank you to Hazel, Teri and the other staff at St. Matthews who have always made us feel so welcome.  Hazel and Teri have now both retired, and we wish them health and happiness in whatever their futures may hold.


There is a new Head at St. Matthews.  Although I haven't met her yet, we have been corresponding and she is happy for the meetings to continue there, but not at the moment due to the Coronavirus restrictions on the school.  During the early summer, I was quite optimistic about starting up again after the October half term, but as you all know, this has become impossible due to the worsening situation.  We will be there again, as soon as we can, and I will update on all platforms when I have a date.  Until then, we can meet at a different venue (perhaps back at Fairfield Old School in Howley) if there are enough people who would be happy to do that.  I am aware that all of you are caring for someone who will be particularly vulnerable, and some of you are in that category yourselves, and therefore may not be comfortable in doing this.  But if any of you wish to explore this option, please get in touch.


For those who can, perhaps you could get into contact with each other, even for a phone call or a longer online chat?  Again, I know not all of you will be comfortable with this, but we have limited options at the moment.  Please feel free to contact me through the website, email or Facebook.


Better news is that just before lockdown there was interest from a few new prospective members, so when our group can meet up again, we should have extended numbers, and more people to connect with.


Over the last few months, CHAT4Dementia has also become a recognised Community Group, with its own small Committee, regulations, safeguarding policy and Community Bank Account - HSBC Chat4dementia, sort code 40-45-24, account number 92697904. I am in the process of looking at voluntary group funding opportunities, so hopefully when we do get back together again, we will be able to have some fun time out (I have been looking into craft activities such as pottery, which I can vouch for as being very therapeutic, also theatres, afternoon tea, etc.).  We may also be able to buy some of the smaller aids to help care for someone with dementia, such as the crafts I'd just started to get hold of, and the books, easy to use medicine dispensers, timers etc.  More of this to come.


I've also been in touch with the lovely Diane (I don't have Jenny's email to pass this onto, but if anyone does, can they please let me know).  Diane has extra spaces at the moment, and will do in the future, to look after your loved ones.  I am going to try and attach a flyer she has sent me, but just in case it doesn't work - I've had a few problems with attachments lately - her email address is  


I will update you all as soon as I have any further news.  Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone who you think may benefit.  In the meantime, take care of yourselves.  See you as soon as possible.